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Sustainability Leadership

Our Board of Directors’ Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee oversees our sustainability efforts. In addition, we participate in certain third-party assessments of our sustainability performance, including CDP and EcoVadis.

Expeditors’ sustainability strategies are determined by our ESG Executive Sponsor and our Executive Sponsors for each of our four pillars—Environment; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Security, Health and Safety; and Governance. Program Managers for each pillar implement sustainability programs, empower employees, measure and report progress, respond to customer and investor inquiries, ensure employee compliance, and more.

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Code of Business Conduct

In 2016, we updated our Code of Business Conduct. While the core Cultural Attributes embedded in the Code— Integrity, Excellence, and Confidence, among others— remain unchanged, we made it easier for our employees to read and use the Code daily.

Our Code is an important reference for how to do business the right way. It covers a range of compliance and ethics topics; including anti-corruption, conflicts of interest, community activities and political contributions, privacy and data protection, labor standards, security, health and safety, and the environment

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Compliance & Training

We are conservative in our compliance approach and we follow strict U.S. standards. We also insist upon and support continuous training for our employees. Every employee goes through a one-hour Code of Business Conduct training course annually. In general, we require employees to attend 52 hours of training per year, with over 10 hours of that mandatory, based on role. Mandatory courses for all employees globally include Anti-Corruption, Anti-Boycott Compliance, Competition and Antitrust, U.S. Sanctions and Export Controls Awareness, Security, Health and Safety Awareness, and Harassment Awareness and Prevention. Many of our ethics and compliance trainings are offered through a partnership with True Office Learning. We implemented new compliance training modules in 2017, including an instructor-led course on anti-corruption that complements the computer-based training every employee is already required to take. As part of our sustainability efforts, we offer a Sustainability course at Expeditors.